1-StorytellerStorytelling in all its many forms,

enthralls as much today as it ever did around the firesides of the past. The phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series demonstrate that television has by no means replaced the joys of a well crafted book full of rich symbology and the classic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Men and women have told stories to each other since time immemorial. Those that have stood the test of time and appear again and again in fresh guise (as film or book) do so because they serve a profound need, that of providing meaning.

We will publish various articles that look at stories as a whole.

Storytelling is both an art and a science and has a long and venerable history.  There is really only One Story to be told. This story is the Allegory of the journey of the human soul in search of its final goal. Four basic vehicles have evolved to take the Story forward: Myth, Legend, Fable and Fairy-Tale. Their purpose is universal: they preserve eternal truths.

Subsequent articles will investigate imaginary worlds.

These will include the journey of the Hero Soul, Kingship as revealed through the Sagas of the Norsemen, the Sufi Quest and other stories redolent with inner meaning.

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